Monday, 6 October 2014

Happy Birthdays

Sunday was spent celebrating birthdays, Chris had his while we were in Spain, Abigail had hers while we were in France, Richard and Eleanor both have birthdays within the next week!
This is an expensive few weeks around here.

The family arrived late morning and we had Sunday dinner before holiday gifts were exchanged.
Thanks Richard for the baked white chocolate cheesecake... yummy. Next came birthday gifts followed by games.

We played pass the jelly, a sort of pass the parcel game without the parcel! Some years ago I got fed up with trying to wrap up a pass the parcel so instead wrap everything individually and place them in a bag with a ribbon attached, a sort of squiggy jelly like thing is then used until the music stops and someone can pull a string from the bag and get a gift. The girls love this and the game is always requested.

Saturday morning I spent a couple of hours laminating sets of nine playing cards for a game of playing card bingo, prizes being packets of smarties [ the things Grandma's do!!] .. this kept everyone happy for a while.

Our last game was Mexican Train played at the table with a 12 set of dominos.

After all this excitement we then had tea which no one said they wanted but everyone ate plenty. The coffee and walnut birthday cake Richard had made for his dad was scrumptious.

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