Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Monday... busy busy busy

Monday started off wet and got wetter as the day went on, not a day to be out and about. However Chris had been asked to go back to work to help with some new contracts and the fact one of the members of staff was off work for three months after an operation. His day was long 7am to 7pm.

My companion, Astrid, and I had planned our monthly Relief Society visiting teaching for the morning. We have four members of church that we visit each month to see if they need any help and to give them a gospel message. I love doing this and always come away from each house having learnt more than I am sure I "teach". The rain continued to pour down and we both got pretty wet.

I dashed in home and had a quick sandwich for a late lunch and as I was already wet decided to go to the post office and post a heavy parcel of items I had sold on Ebay. I also had a £6 off £30 voucher to spend at Sainsburys, so fitted a visit to the store while out. I love shopping and using my maths to add up what I am spending as I go around, so my total was £30.75 before the voucher was taken off.

Back home I decided I deserved a nice warm drink and to work on my crochet before getting dinner.
What a busy day.
It's growing slow but sure.

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