Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Driving Licence

How time passes? I have had my current driving licence since 1978, when it was changed due to my name change. It is crumpled and old and has lived in my purse for the past 36 years. Now I have to give it up and get a new one with my photo on it as I will be 70 next month.

How technology has changed during that time, I am now able to apply for my new driving licence on line and they will use the photo from my passport. A few clicks of the mouse and keyboard and I will have my new licence without leaving the house.

I learnt to drive while living in Knightsbridge London at the age of 20. After one miserable paid for lesson I decided to drive with no help [ I was a wild child!] removed my L plates and took to the roads. I had been given a car by Leslie Caron the actress who lived round the corner from me. When the time came for the test I asked someone to accompany me and bought L plates, I passed first time.
Happy Memories.

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quiltergirl424 said...

Well that is quite an interesting story, I do not know anybody else who still has the old driving licence, welcome to the world of technology.........

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