Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Baubles and diet

Since getting back from our last trip to Spain I have decided to try and get a bit fitter and loose some weight, mostly for health reasons. The day after we got back I joined Weight Watchers on line, a friend has had great success using this tool to loose weight. I filled in the forms [ get the first couple of months free if I can loose 10 lbs ] and was allocated my points. Three weeks in I have found it really easy to follow the plan and even coping with birthday and Golden Wedding cake I have kept within my limits.
It's early days but I really would like to be a lot slimmer by Christmas.

Before we went to Spain, funny how life is always either before or after something, I started using my treadmill to get some exercise [ I am really a couch potato]. I set my target on a place, Lamport, and clocked up my miles until I reached it. I decided to continue my journey and I am now on the way to Leicester, where I was born incidentally. Making these goals really helps my motivation, it is hard with bad knees and asthma but I am sure every little helps and I already feel better.

I joined a FSL [Free Standing Lace] Christmas ornament swap and have gone 'mad' on my embroidery machine making a number of items. The 3D red bauble was my choice to send to the Secret Sister swap, I hope she likes it, it involved making two sections that slot together..

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