Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How many times do I say ....

How many times do I say, where has the week gone?
I have been neglectful of my blog but up early this morning to do a "catch up".

We are in the throws of birthday month, when my whole family seems to be celebrating, starting with Chris [ see a previous post ] then eldest grandaughter turned 12 last week, her aunt reached 50, son will be 44 [ no that cannot be possible to have a son THAT old!] youngest grandaughter will be 8, plus my sister also has a birthday this week.

The IAM meeting for October was on the 1st and we had a full house. Six of the eight were busy hooking, yes we have all caught the crochet bug! There were some wonderful show and tell items [ please don't ask where the photos are, I didn't take any].

My friend Diana celebrated her Golden wedding and had a ' drop in for a piece of cake and drink' which we did yesterday, the house was full of flowers and both Diana and Trevor looked so happy. Needless to say I forgot my camera!

I have started a new crochet CAL, called the Spice of Life, so far I have mis read the instructions and made three rows of granny stitches that should just be trebles.. ho hum I am not frogging all that work, it will just be larger.

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