Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Russells International Circus

Half Term is here again and the girls are staying with us for a couple of days. Groupon were offering a reduced rate for seats at the Russells International Circus. Having not been to a circus since they banned the use of animals, probably 50 plus years ago, I bought us a voucher.
We set off for Kings Lynn [80 miles away] after a quick early lunch, the road to Kings Lynn  is notorious for being slow so we allowed plenty of time.
With half an hour to spare when we arrived, we used the facilities at the nearest Garden Centre and wandered amongst the Christmas items. Eleanor could not resist trying on fluffy ear muffs so we all tried on something!
Fun in the Garden Centre

Back to the Big Top we took our seats and were well entertained with jugglers, acrobats, that made you gasp at their daring acts, magic tricks and strong man feats.
Visiting the ticket Office

Yummy candy floss for Eleanor, Popcorn for Abigail!

The show starts

Dancers and acrobats from around the world

Such strength

This act really made us "gasp"

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