Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Sizzix machine

Each December the IAM group that meet monthly at my home have a Christmas party. We like to play games (more on that later) and when I can think of something instead of bringing their own projects to work on I, or a member of the group, like to organise a mini workshop.

Last Christmas a friend sent me an angel and I thought it would make a great project for the group. Luckily I had put it somewhere I could find it. I have everything I need to cut out kits for everyone so I organised my table with a stool for my leg ( have to try and keep the swelling down) and used my Sizzix machine to cut out card shapes ( great recycling of my Get Well cards) . Next I cut out a pile of cushion soft for the padding of the faces.

Working in my Happy Room
It feels great getting back into my happyroom, even though with a temporary bed to allow me to do exercises without having to climb the stairs, it looks such a mess.

I still have to cut out the main fabric shapes but I am waiting for a large circle cutter for my Sizzix that hopefully will come this week. Since writing this post I have been informed by EBay that I will not get the cutter I ordered and they have refunded me the money! A local store has the same cutter on sale so I now await delivery again.

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