Friday, 17 February 2017

Back home one week

Thought it was time to try and catch up with what has been happening since we got back from our holiday on February 10th. Of course the first thing was washing and yet more washing, food shopping and sorting out finances... all very boring stuff. The family had invited us for dinner so that was well received.

Sunday I was able to go to Church and gradually being at home and all it entails slipped into place.
Monday was my last visit to the Physio, where I managed to bend my leg another 20 degrees and use the cycle machine. I am still far from back to normal, whatever that is! but I do not need any more treatment, just exercise and walking.

While away on holiday I research and joined Facebook groups concerning journal planning.
This is something I had been wanted to do for a long time, in fact had made a few attempts just using diaries,
 but with little success. A Happy Planner seems to be the answer so I invested in one
 and managed to buy a few stickers and Washi tape while still in Spain.
I will blog more about this later.

Tuesday and Wednesday the girls came to stay and had fun cutting up a load of fleece I had been
given to share with my friends for use with Charity quilts. See on the table behind them.
They also had fun using the Sizzix machine to make Christmas tags from old Christmas cards
hope I remember where I put them next Christmas!

Thursday was IAM day and although most of us seemed to be having troubles or illnesses we had a nice day.
Show and tell was a bit thin on the ground, but Jenny's caterpillar bag was a  big hit.

My Show and Tell was the pair of socks I had knitted while driving through France and Spain
Using Opal, Pop Corn wool I received for my birthday.

These snowdrops where such a welcome sight in my garden

There are two different types of snowdrops in the garden, I love the big heads on this clump.
Finished off the week with a visit to the dentist for an Xray, which will be followed by a crown and £320 bill!

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