Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Weather

Tomorrow we leave Spain for our trip through France home. I thought I would check the weather, maybe it would have been better if I did not!
At this moment it is
23c here and the sun is shining beautifully
2c at El Potalet in the Pyrenees and such a lot of snow we might not ba able to go over the pass, even the tunnel has big restrictions.
6c at Pau our first overnight stop... snow and cold
8c at Rouen our final night in France
7c at home
All the nights are really forecast cold... do we really want to go home?
 I guess the answer is yes, I am missing my Happy Room and family but I wonder if I can take the 23c with me.


Ellen said...

I am sure you enjoyed you holiday you will need your woollies when you get back to England. Safe journey

Christa said...

Heck, why not one more week?

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