Thursday, 30 March 2017

A trip to Florida !

OK not exactly the Florida you probably thought....
We booked a week at Hemsby with the intention of having a few days on our own, followed by the family arriving with the girls and leaving them with us for a few days. Sometimes things just do not work out, and here I am on my own, as Chris has been asked to work for three weeks by the company he retired from a few years ago. The family still intend to visit and leave the girls with me for three days of fun.  I have packed lots of craft items, Planner / Journaling, crochet and sock knitting and intend to just sit in the sun [hopefully].
Florida Chalet Park, Hemsby, Gt Yarmouth
Everything is new in the chalet and the owner came to meet me.

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Christa said...

I was getting excited and thought you were making plans and need to come by. We are coming to England though in June. Long story! Did you see I made the London Row by Row? I think it turned out really nice ... thanks to you!

Enjoy your stay in Florida even if it wasn't what you hoped for.

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