Friday, 7 April 2017

Hemsby Holiday

The first three days of the holiday were spent on my own doing not very much! Then Chris arrived on the Saturday for the weekend, which was really nice.
Sunday the family arrived and left the girls with me until the following Wednesday.
A selection of photos from the Hemsby Gt. Yarmouth holiday.
Eleanor decided to sit in every ride just for the fun on it!
This was in "our" arcade where they had fun rolling pennies in the machines and winning prizes.

Spooky fun at the Haunted house

Thank goodness there were plenty of seats around

Richard and girls with Jacq doing what Jacq always does, petting a dog.

First of three rides on the Waltzer

Bit chilly on the beach

Crazy golf was great fun

Abigail's golf ball went into the lake!

Missing Grandad !

Another trip in the Waltzer

Dodgem fun, taking it in turns to drive

Ball fun outside the chalet

Brewers Fayre meal and sharing dessert

A bumpy ride down the big slide

Reaching the bottom

Back on the dogems again!
It was a wonderful time but very tiring, sometimes I forget I'm 72 years old!

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Christa said...

The girls are so lucky to have you as granny!

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