Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy  Life seems to have been a blur of chocolate!
Easter Monday was spent with the family and after lunch we and the girls were banished from the house, actually took the dog for a walk. Jacqueline had designed an Easter Egg hunt, one for each of the girls and one for Chris and myself. Each started with a clue which led to an egg and another clue, it was great fun and we all ended up with lots of eggs and much laughter.. thank you so much Jacq for doing this.

Eleanor cannot wait to try an egg.

Can just here the cat saying " what on earth is going on"
as we race from the house to the garden and back again following the clues.

Abigail seems to have found a large egg and is reading the next clue.
The next two days were taken up with visits to the nurses for asthma and blood tests, nothing serious just routine after a change of meds. 
Hamtune Quilters had a re-cycling evening so I took along a load of things I want out of my Happy Room, plus I promised myself whatever did not sell would stay in the car and go to a charity shop.
My nails were long overdue for a gelling [ is that a word? ] so I booked a session and came out with Hot Tomato nails.

Thursday I was back at BSK, Bedford machine embroidery class, having missed so many months due to my new knee and then 6 weeks in Spain and France. It was so nice to see everyone again. I ME'd a Japanese lady and started on the alphabet banner... why are there no photos... no idea I had my camera with me so must just have been too busy.
Friday we decided on a day out.
First stop the Fabric Guild in Oadby to visit their new building.
I wanted white on white fabric and was really good, as that is all I bought.
Emmaus at Hinckley was the next stop to unload the boot of charity donations, including all the items left over from the sales table on Tuesday.
After all this we needed food and stopped at the Brewers Fayre Hinckley for lunch. The building is on the side of the canal and it was fun watching the narrow boats sail by.

Too cute for words, seen from the canal footpath.

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