Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lyveden New Bield

Looking for somewhere to go for a walk we decided on a visit to Lyvenden New Bield. Owned by the National Trust this property is only about 25 miles from home, but we had never found the time to visit it before. The morning started off sunny but cool, by the time we got to Lyvenden the sharp wind was bitingly cold on this very exposed site. Needless to say we did not stay as long as we had planed.
A very bumpy rough track leads to the entrance.

It is such an impressive sight surrounded by a Ha Ha.
Sir Thomas Tresham created the garden and lodge between 1595 and his death in 1605. It was planned as a pleasure garden and secret place of worship for Treshams persecuted Catholic faith.

Richly decorated with religious symbols of Christ's Passion and Crucifixion.
Although looking like a ruin it is in fact just an unfinished building site, 
due to lack of money and heavy death duties there was no money to pay the workers, so they just 'downed tools' and walked away.

A quick trip to the loo and I found this on the door.

A swallow fly out of her nest as I closed the door 

Inside one of the main ground floor rooms.

The views in every direction are amazing

Yes that's me sneaking into the kitchen

A deep Ha Ha surrounds the building.

The gardens contain interesting snail mounts [Chris took the photo from the top of one of them]
There is also a moat and maze cut into the grass.

The walk to the maze.
The stone for this splendid building was quarried from the local village of Pilton. This is definitely a place to re-visit in the warmer weather.

A Little warmth was now called for and we visited the Harvester Restaurant at Kettering for lunch using a 50% off voucher, making a great end to out day out.

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Christa said...

Do you know that you are educating me? I had no idea what a ha ha is. Had to google it. Very interesting.

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