Friday, 28 April 2017

A friends day

Having met up with a friend, Annie, I had not seen in years we arranged a get together to sit and sew. Her sister in law Beryl, who I have known for the best part of 40 years, was also able to join us together with Helen another friend.
It was such a fun day, with lots of catching up on news and lots of laughter.
My Happy Room was prepared for their arrival but then I just did not get around to taking a photo until they were leaving!

Looking forward to a sewing day
Beryl worked on a crochet poppy but with all the chatter kept having to go into reverse! Helen worked on a cushion front hand sewing pretty appliqué, while Annie machined 2 inch squares together for the start of a King size quilt.
I managed to progress on my Andover Row by Row.

Beryl, Annie and Helen

A great day I hope we can arrange to repeat.

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