Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Row by Row

My comment about a Ha Ha at Lyvenden seems to have caused a stir. It is very familiar to anyone that visits old houses in Britain. 

ha-ha is a recessed landscape design element that creates a vertical barrier while preserving an uninterrupted view of the landscape beyond. The design includes a turfed incline which slopes downward to a sharply vertical face, typically a masonry retaining wall.

The ha-ha at Lyvenden is grass on both sides and almost invisible until you try to walk across the lawns. I wonder how many people fell into it when leaving the house after a few drinks!

Back to the topic of my blog post...

Last year I took part in the search for Row by Row patterns, only six shops in England took part. I managed to collect some from overseas and  had great plans to make a wall hanging using some of them. I actually only completed one, so having regained my sewing mojo I intend to make some more. A few friends and I are getting together to work on some of them which should help to keep me motivated.

The pattern I intend to make first this year is from Quilters Dream in Andover Hampshire.

Wow, wow, wow there are a lot of very tiny pieces, but they are all cut out and some heat-n-bonded to my background ready for machining tomorrow. Needless to say I didn't think about the direction of the pattern and probably, unless I told you, you would not know when the banner is completed that I have reversed everything.

Part of the banner ready for machining, all those tiny sheep feet!

My trusty 17 year old Pfaff is back from it's service and new bobbin winding clutch.
I love using this machine for applique.
2017 Row by Row starts in June so I better get my skates on if I am to complete last years.


Christa said...

WHO cares in which direction the sheep are looking? Love it. Keep going the momentum!
Are you going to do row by row panels are sewing them into a quilt?

Happy Room Diana said...

Not sure yet if they will be a quilt or a banner around my Happy Room, I am leaning towards a banner.

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