Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Girls come to stay

Monday the girls came to stay for three days, and although I am still recovering from all my bumps and bruises we have managed to have fun.
There has been lots of game playing, raspberry picking and movie nights.
We ventured out on Tuesday to Wistow Maze, not really knowing what to expect. We were told it was the best crop they had had for some years and the maize was over seven feet tall. The plan of the maze is Sherlock Holmes and the clues found on the way lead to 'who dun it'. I joined the girls and Chris for a little while but my badly bruised knee meant I could not walk far, as we had two maps I took one to return to the "get out of jail free" while the others raced ahead finding clues.
Needless to say I struggled to find my way out and a family took pity on me and navigated me to the start and out!  90 minutes later Chris and the girls found their way out!! They had all the clues and entered the competition of 'who dun it'.
It was great fun and we were all glad we had prepared dinner before we left, so it was quick to have food on the table when we arrived home.
Highly recommend this for a great day out.
Three monkeys on the way in!

Maize as high as an elephants hide

The first clue they found

Sherlock Holmes the theme for this year.


Christa said...

That is something else. I have never seen or been in a crop-maize. So cool. You are great grandparents!!!

rithkhmer said...

thank for good post and sharing......


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