Monday, 29 November 2010

Answering a few questions

I have had a number of questions about things I do and say, so here are a few answers.

Creative 9000 sewing machine is sold by BSK Bedford England under their own name and with a load of free accessories does everything I could wish for in a lightweight sewing machine. Lots of fancy stitches, needle up / down, alphabets, needle threader, adjustable width and length etc etc . Cost £229 in their sale at the moment. Called Denis because that is the name of the person that sold me it! Bought mainly to use at workshops.

I drive a red Mazda MX5 sports car [ mid-life crisis!] she is 20 years old in December. I have a soft top and hard top for her, and called Lucy because.. yes you guessed it the last owner was named Lucy.

My bargain of the year was "Brenda" my Brother 4000D sewing machine, and I am thrilled with all the things she will do. Only slight hiccup is the very large frame which I have trouble using, but I have been told I can use the largest frame from the 1500 with the same result but it holds the fabric firmer.. so I'm off to buy myself a Christmas present!

Lacemaking.. I am afraid making lace has taken a back seat to sewing and quilting, after 20 years of making lace and 15 years of teaching it. I still have enough bobbins to fill a drawer in my cupboard so hope to teach my grandchildren [ the eldest has already started] and pass them on.

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