Friday, 26 November 2010

Denis arrives!!

I have been looking for some time for a sewing machine to take to workshops and quilt days, I seem to average 2 a week and some are upstairs. My good old Pfaff weighs 12 kg and is just getting too much for me to carry.
Having done as much research as I could I decided on a BSK Creative 9000, and yes you've guest it, the person that sold me it was called Denis.. so that is now the name of the machine!
Yesterday I took it to a quilt day [upstairs] and the 6 kg weight was much better to handle and the sewing machine does so many things I am really impressed.


Lori said...

a brother???

EmmsieLu said...

I was just wondering how you've found this machine?

I'm looking to buy my first machine, and am looking at a Janome 8077, or maybe this. I can't find any reviews anywhere on the net for the Creative 9000, and since it looks like this is the only machine that BSK do under their own make, I can't work out how good it would be.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,


Happy Room Diana said...

Emma I am extremely pleased with my Creative 9000, it is easy to use and has lots of the things I really like in a sewing machine, especially for taking to workshops as it only weighs 6kg. I have a number of other machines from a treadle 1919 to a Brother 4000D embroidery machine.

elaine said...

Hi, Have just started sewing again after many years with the dust collecting on my machine! Thought I might look at getting a new sewing machine- it's mind boggling!! The Creative 9000 looks good but I am not a Quilter. I make 'POSH' rag dolls (and other small items) so need to know if this can cope with intricate items please?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Can Denis cope???!!

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