Friday, 7 February 2014

February IAM day

 Seven of us gathered together for the February IAM day here in the Happy Room, only Shirley was missing. It was a miserable dark wet day so we were all glad to be indoors crafting.
Ann and I both recovering from knee surgery sat with our feet up on stools while the start of the get together was discussing ailments! When a group of seven ladies get together all aged between 67 and 74 there always a lot of ailments to talk about !!
Then out came the different crafts we were all working on, ranging from cross stitch to applique to knitting etc. As normal everyone brought their own lunch but one member of the group brings dessert, this time it was Clare's turn and we had a lovely raspberry tart and toffee pavlova.. yummy.
While we recover from food we have show and tell, here are a few photos of some of the items.
My monogrammed towels

Maureen's Sewing doll

Dorn's hearts

Jenny's slipper

Penny's cushion

Penny's Santa

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