Sunday, 9 February 2014

Glasspool/e research

The following article was found in the 
Australian Daily Southern Cross newspaper dated 1 September 1868.
For many years I have been researching the Glasspool/e name around the world 
but this is the most infamous I have found!

Singleton Times records the death of Ellen Glasspoole, the paramour of the infamous Burke, of Edinburgh. The above journal reports that "an inquest was held on Monday, the 10th August, before the District Coroner, Dr. Glennie, on view of the body of an aged woman, known as Ellen GlasspoDle, who was burned to death in her hut on Saturday last. The above creature was, we believe, the last remaining vile relic connected with the infamous Burks and Hare tragedies that bonified Edinburgh, the scene of these villains' wholesale butcheries, and indeed the civilised world, some forty years ago. As paramour of Burke who expiated his revolting crimes upon the scaffold— she participated in those barbarities that have never been heard recited without a shudder. Tbe law, however, in dealing mercifully with the 'weaker vessel,' sentenced Ellen Steward, alias MoDougall, to penal servitude for life. In 1830, she was assigned to the service of the late Mr. Joseph Singleton, and she has remained in this district since. During the early years of her servitude here, she appears to have captivated somebody, who bestowed upon her the name of Glasspoole, and whom apparently she has long survived. She had repeatedly been admonished at our Police Court on aocount of her taking a drappie too much, on which occasions she usually pleaded in extenuation her great age. Tbat generous institution of ours, the Benevolent Asylum, supplied her from time to time with the necessaries of life, and her 'medical comforts' were made up by appealing to the coach passengers, who were found about Cullen's corner, relying mostly for success on the statement that her age was 164 the next Saturday,' but which, we believe, was a simple miscalculation of some twenty or thhty years." 

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Donna said...

Hello Diana, you may not remember me but I went on the Begger's Lace tour to Brugge in 1993.
I have often thought of you and wondered where life's journey would lead you. I'm glad to know you are enjoying " retirement"' keeping busy with family and handcrafts.
I'm 84 years young this year and also enjoy quilting , reading, etc.
Best Wishes to you and yours.
Donna Pohlman

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