Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine Gift

Yesterday Chris arrived home from his night shift at Harrod's and managed to stay awake long enough to take me to physio. My previous physiotherapist had left so I was transferred to a new one, Shaun, he gave me deep leg massage to reduce the swelling and a load of new exercises, all of which were very painful.
I came home with a sheet of instructions and he asked Chris to do the deep massage on my leg twice a day.
As soon as we got home Chris went to bed and I quietly recovered from the physio!

Mid afternoon a parcel was delivered and Chris had sent me a wonderful bouquet of twelve red roses, heart shaped chocolate and a card. Even after 41 years of marriage it is so nice to be  loved.
On my last trip out I had managed to buy him a little foody gift and made him a card.

This morning he gave me my first leg massage! Boy does it hurt, but I hope will reduce the swelling. At least I know he loves me!

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