Saturday, 14 June 2014

Blankenberge Belgium

Home again to a mountain of washing!
Our week in Belgium was very nice and extremely hot. I was unable to post pictures while in McD's for my last post so here are a few to catch up our holiday.
Most of the time we just lazed around and wandered up and down the promenade right outside our front door.
Approaching the Euro tunnel

Driving onto the train for the 25 min
tunnel crossing the English Channel
Surprised to find they are celebrating 20 years
since it opened.

View from the front door on our
first evening

A visit to Sluis Holland
The bells in this Church are just wonderful to hear

Chris relaxing with a drink in Holland

A visit to friend Gerda who owns the shop Ajour
in Brugge. If you want wool  this is the shop for you!

Driving into Brugge across the canal

Festivities in the centre of Brugge
around the corner from friend Michelle
who was working in a Souvenir shop for the day

Learning to crochet, many mistakes but it was
a fun project and learning curve.
I now need some real help when I get home!

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Christa said...

Lovely pictures. So European. If it wasn't for my husband's accident I would be in Germany right now. Sigh.

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