Monday, 30 June 2014

Book v Kindle

A friend lent me this book, The Last Runaway by Rose Tremain. 
It tells the story of a Quaker girl from Dorset England who emigrated to America in the 1850's with her sister who was travelling to get married. 
Stories of slavery, quilting and life in a strange country are wonderfully interwoven.

I am usually a slow reader and found holding the book a problem so bought the Kindle version and then could not put it down.  A great read.


Linda said...

I might have to try and find this book. It looks like a good story and while I know it is a fictional novel, my ancestry on my father's side comes from Dorset. :) Although, my ancestors came to The New World in the early 1700's.

quiltergirl424 said...

Am going to look for this book kindle version sounds a nice story

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