Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Off Roading with new friends

Some time ago Chris was contacted , as Rep for GLASS [ Green Lane Association] by a couple that were planing to holiday in our area.
Yesterday we arranged to meet them and their son to travel the lanes and byways of Leicestershire.
The weather was perfect, lovely and sunny but not too hot.
10am saw three fairly clean Land Rovers meet at Husband Bosworth and we introduced each other. Sharon and Paul with their son Paul both in Discoverys.

Being the only one of the five us that loves to read "tulip" maps I map read us around the course, plus Sharon and I opened and closed gates most of the time.

It was fun getting to know each other via our CB radios or on the driving breaks for food!

At one point the CB crackled into life "stop" and Paul and Sharon had a wheel problem which meant removing the wheel and a stone that had jammed into something underneath [ don't ask me what!]. Having overcome that problem a little while later Paul [son] was stopped by the police saying he had a light out, probably caused by the off-roading. He was asked to fix it and send in a report that he had done it, luckily the police man was nice and did not give him a fine.

All in all it was a great day ending about 5pm and I do hope we meet up with our new friends from the Cheshire Land Rover group.
Lining up to go through a gate

Chris is first through the water splash!

Paul and Sharon next

Paul hoping there is no problem as he has no snorkel!

My favourite sign post. All roads are
gated or unsuitable for vehicles!!

Fixing the wheel

Paul Jr. Sharon and Paul

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