Saturday, 19 July 2014

The thread bin

A friend sent me a link to make a little thread bin, so yesterday I set myself the task of making one.

Using the top of a Pringles crisps box [had to sacrifice myself and eat the crisps!] and some matching fabric to a sewing set I already have, I managed to made the thread bin and it will be very useful when out at workshops.
The new "bin" closed

The bin open

Added to my sewing set.
Main bag, pincushion, scissor holder, needle case
thimble holder and the new Bit Bin

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hazel said...

Thank you for sharing your little thread bin it has solved a mystery for me. Sometime ago a friend sent me one of these little bins closed and i had no idea that it opened into this cute little bin I did not want to spoil it by forcing it to open.

Hazel c uk

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