Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Serger/Overlocker Cover

Well I've started but when I'll finish is anybody's guess!

Having been recently diagnosed with asthma the Doctor and Specialist nurse have been trying to get me under control [ never an easy thing!]. A course of steroids to kick start the treatment left me manic and racing from one job to another, as the course finished I came down to earth with a bump and didn't want to move from my chair.  I am now feeling slightly more normal and more able to cope with the asthma symptoms.

During this time I did manage to machine embroider four ladies to make a cover for my serger. The choice of subject and colours are not me at all, but I really like the embroidery now they are sewn out.

For the next three weeks my time will mostly be taken up with my granddaughters, they are actually staying here for two of the weeks so I will put the serger cover embroidery away until I have time to myself again to actually make the cover.

Hope your all having a great summer.

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