Tuesday, 10 February 2015

From bad to worse

Over the weekend Chris took for a little drive along the coast, I had been going stir crazy in the house.

We drove to Torre de la Horadada where the coast road runs along the top of the cliff. There is a pretty yacht club at the end of the coast road.

Then things took a turn for the worse and Monday saw us at San Javier Hospital built only 4 years ago.

My coughing was so bad I was really worried as my chest now hurt. Arriving at 11.20 am we left at 7.30pm. The results of blood tests and X-Rays showed I had Bonquitis aguda. I was given oxygen treatment, a paracetamol drip and injection of something ( anti-biotic I think ) it was all very scary not speaking any of the language and being left alone not really knowing what was happening.

On dismissal I was given a prescription for three items that cost me €77 (I'll never say anything about the NHS in England again! Where at my age all prescriptions are free). To make sure I understood the instructions for taking the stuff I had been given, which of course we're all in Spanish, I googled them when we got home. Three cheers for the Internet.

It is now Tuesday morning and I had a sleepless night, mostly due to living the ordeal in a foreign land not speaking their language, but I feel a bit better and hope to meet friends for a late lunch.


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