Friday, 20 February 2015

Teddy Money Bank

The girls came for the day on Wednesday and it was decided it was time to empty the Teddy.

Whenever we have spare coins they are put into a mug which is then emptied by the girls when they visit into an old Teddy, I think it held Leggo type bricks originally.
The Teddy was so heavy we had to get Grandad to bring it downstairs.

Having emptied it onto the dining room table the girls loaded the money into bags they could carry and the rest went into a bag for Grandad to carry.

Off to the bank with a machine that counts the money for them, great fun emptying all the bags into the chute and watching the totals tick up on the display, just over £82 to share.

After all this exercise we went for lunch at the Toby Inn, the girls restaurant choice. Then back home for a game of French Monopoly. I used to collect monopoly boards from our overseas travels so it was fun playing in French!

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