Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Home Sweet Home

What can I say about our month in Spain... the first two weeks were great, lots of sunshine and meeting old friends.. the second two weeks not so great as Chris had his wallet stolen and the hastle of cancelling credit cards, notifying the police, who were most unhelpful, replacing his driving licence and store cards etc was a real headache. Also I was taken ill and spent a day in hospital where the fact I could not speak Spanish was very scary plus the cost of prescription medicines! and feeling really poorly with Bronchitis.
Valentines day we came home, luckily I did not feel too bad and returning the hire car, catching our flight and arriving in England went very smoothly. It was then we realised the ticket to get our car back from Meet and Greet was in the stolen wallet, the EMA airport staff were great and by producing my passport let me have my car back.

Today [Tuesday 17th] is a new day, the sun is shining and for the first time I have been into the garden to see all the new shoots appearing and even the Camellia showing its first flower. There are lots of snowdrops and Spring must be just around the corner.
The unpacking is finished, the insurance claim has been sorted, a new driving licence and credit cards etc. applied for and I am in my Happy Room again.

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