Wednesday, 25 February 2015

IAM group 15th Anniversary

15 years ago five of us started meeting once a month to make lace, sew quilts and generally do craft work. We are now up to eight with lots of different crafts taking place and often small workshops.
To celebrate our 15 years together I organised a day out.
Made 16th July 2013!
I made eight bags from a sari to give to everyone.

We started by meeting at Threads and Patches in Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes, where Sally the owner was kind enough to arrange for us to have drink and cake, plus a nice discount on anything we bought. It was fun looking around all the different rooms and trying not to buy too much!
Threads & Patches Tea room

Cake and a cuppa!
Our next stop was Tudor Rose at Oakley, Bedfordshire where lunch had been pre-ordered in the "O for Coffee" cafe. We all agreed it was delicious. The shop had offered us a small discount that most of took advantage of.

Lunch at the O for Coffee cake
Tudor Rose
A drive back to home where I had arranged a celebration cake, funny how even after all the food we had eaten we could all still manage to slice of cake. We then had a show and tell of the things we had bought in the different shops, plus Shirley had brought along a finished quilted bed cover that had us all gasping! She has offered to teach the members of the group that do not crochet, how to crochet, next week at our regular monthly meeting.

Maureen, Clare, Dorn, Jenny, Penny, Shirley, Ann and me behind the camera.

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grannysew said...

I love the idea of making bags from Sari, would you explain how its done please.
Brenda in wet Dorset

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