Friday, 7 August 2015

August IAM carft day

Five of us enjoyed a lovely IAM craft day, with lots of laughter, great desserts and Oh! yes some craft work.
Ann had resurrected a tapestry from Australia and was busy with needle and wool. Pauline was busy making robins on her sewing machine, Clare switched from sewing a scissor case to practising crochet, Shirley was busy with her crochet hook, while I cut out patterns and fabric for an owl set and then switched to working on my Winter scene crochet.

After lunch we had our usual "show and tell"
Pauline getting ready for Christmas

Just adore Pauline's owl cushions

Shirley [Mrs Crochet] with her latest blanket

Shirley's cushion complete with mini caravan!

Her caravan must be a wash with crochet items!

Ann showed us her latest decoupage picture

Clare had been on a Gail Lowther course to make this beautiful cushion

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