Sunday, 30 August 2015

Richard arrives

Richard flew in on Saturday and immediately the girls wanted him in the pool!

Eleanor with a friend on the dolphin they bought.

Lunch at the house and then afternoon pool time and lots of (actually too many) games of UNO andYahtzee. A trip to find somewhere to eat had us back at the camp site up the road, where we seem to have become regulars. Richard tried the Tony burger and it almost defeated him!

We stayed up until the pool lights came on and they gave us a show, it was quite dark and hard to see them but they had fun. We made pink popcorn to eat.

They are somewhere down there in the dark pool!

After a lazy breakfast of Pan au Chocolate and croissants more pool time and then lunch. We played a game of Scribble that friend Pat had lent us to allow the food to settle before leaving Richard, Abigail and Eleanor at the beach where they hired a pedallo with a slide.

Off to Resturant alley for dinner tonight.




Jacq said...

Lovely sunshine, very wet here, enjoy today and I see you tomorrow x x

Christa said...

Looking forward to the blog the girls are going to write. Has to be soon though because on Friday James and I are flying to Spain ourselves to do a bit of the Camino. No idea how the WIFI is going to be.

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