Wednesday, 2 September 2015

More fun in Spain with the GDs and son

Sunday we tried a different Resturant for dinner. Abigail wanted a sea food paella so they ordered the mixed paella to share between Richard and Abigail, sadly no sea food in it, so it was a bit disappointing, although the meal was OK.

Monday to took a trip further south to take a look at the place Abigail stayed in, in May. It took some finding as we did not really know the address but we managed it and then after a quick burger in Burger King we drove down the dirt track to the sea through the National park. The beach was virtually deserted so we paddled and cooled down in the sea breeze before heading back.

Dinner was again a hunt for a sea food paella and we choose Veni International and both Abigail and Richard really enjoyed their shared meal, while the rest of us choose something different.

Motorised animals were the fun after dinner entertainment!


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