Sunday, 13 September 2015

One Persian Tile update

My Once a Persian Tile blanket has innings number five completed, and having brough nothing else to do I bought a pattern for the 'crocodile flower' square on Ravelry. Pat generously offered to print it out for me on her new printer. The local 'China' shop was my next port of call for the wool I needed. I have started it and struggled with learning the bobble stitch for the centre, but with a little fudging it looks Ok. The wool is rather fluffy but at least it is keeping my hands busy.

The first picture is by the pool, the turquoise colour looks the same as the water in the swimming pool! The second picture is by our front gate. The local residents think I'm mad working on a blanket and then posing it for photos!

The start of a sunflower in Spanish wool.


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Debbie said...

Your blanket is going to be spectacular.

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