Thursday, 10 September 2015

Happy days in Spain

Yesterday we visited a market to buy some plums, I just love Victoria plums, on our way to The Grand Design House, Casa La Pedrera. The Spanish markets are so colourful.

We visited the house that was part of the TV show Grand Design build a few years ago to buy tickets for the Flamenco and Horse show on Sept 19th. It is in such a beautiful position on the edge of a lake/reservoir.

Much to the amazement of Chris I have started eating salads, never been one of my favourites, but it is so hot I had to find something to eat that required no cooking... Who knows maybe I'll get slim? Oh wait a minute I had a smarties yoghurt for afters so that ruins that idea!

Last night we went to the camp site quiz night with friends Pauline and Brian who had just arrived from England, we had a lovely evening and came away with our winnings, a packet of biscuits each. It was such a good evening I forgot to take any photos.

I have been making great progress with my Once a Persian Tile crochet that I will have nothing to do for the next few days until the next part of the instructions comes out SO... A quick search through Ravelry and I bought a new pattern.. A visit to a 'China' warehouse and I bought the wool to make it. I must be mad working with all this wool while it is so hot.

While out this morning I decided I needed to have my nails done and had seen a place in Dos Mares shopping Centre that had three girls set up doing hands and feet. I waited for my turn and although I do not speak any Spanish and the beautician spoke no English we managed and she gave me a wonderful treatment. I felt a little daring and choose yellow/gold colour rather than my normal reds and pinks.

While hanging washing out on the roof I thought you might like to see the view of the swimming pool, which is only a few steps from the front door. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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