Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ryan Air v Murcia Airport

Up early on September 20th to catch our flight from Murcia Airport to East Midlands. It is a tiny airport and we were quickly through to the main lounge where we sat and waited for our flight to be called, then queued for an age to have our passports checked, then queued for another age in the hot sun for the plane to land and the passengers to disembark. Happy to see our suitcases on the luggage carrier and finally the plane landed and it was a nice comfy trip home with Ryan Air.
Arrived to a reasonable sunny day in England but felt cold after all the Spanish sun.
That pretty bright pink suitcase on top is mine!

Waiting to board

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Christa said...

Wie are in England now too. Yes, rather much colder then Spain. At least the sun is shining here. Happy Birthday to Chris!

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