Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Birthday party

The family joined us for a meal at the local Harvester, which was not very successful even though we had booked in advance, but it was OK. Abigail's friend Francesca joined us as she spending the night with her.

After the meal we gathered at home to enjoy the wonderful cake Richard and Jacq had bought for Chris. It was a replica of his Land Rover complete with all the wonderful details, from number plate to windscreen wipers! A birthday sparkler looked like it would set the house on fire but was great fun.


I don't think they were cold! Just loved wrapping themselves in my crochet blankets!

After the cake we played a game of 'pass the jelly' a bit like pass the parcel but the gifts are all wrapped and attached to ribbons, when the 'jelly' is passed and the music stops you pull a ribbon and get a gift.

Much laughter ensued, especially when Chris pulled out a parcel of Antibacterial wipes! The three girls had fits of giggles. Great evening for a great person.


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