Sunday, 13 September 2015

Catch up days

Friday we joined friends for fish and chips in Villa Martin. They were excellent value at €7 on the special afternoon menu. It was then back to their sons villa for a game of cards sitting in the shade. It is very hot today.

Saturday I mapped out a route to Sierra Espuna, a nature reserve. We passed through some very pretty little villages before joining the very bendy narrow twisty road, mostly single track up into the hills. The road seems to go on forever but the views are wonderful.


Today we have been to the Sunday market, usually called the English Market. We arrived about 10am and there are hundreds of cars already looking for spaces. Chris dropped my off near the entrance and went to find a parking space. It is a large market and sells just about everything you can think of, from pretty little tomatoes in three different colours to a new kitchen!

Last year I could only manage to walk around half of it before my knees gave out, but this time I managed the whole market and even walked the "mile" (well it felt like it) back to the car. The walking exercises I did before we left home have really paid off. We bought the girls a little gift and stocked up on fruit and veg. There were lots of things I would have liked to buy but need to think of the flight baggage.


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