Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Shopping and crochet

Sunday saw a real down pour all day with thunder and lightening. The streets around here were like rivers so we did not venture out in the car, spent the day with my crochet and just chilling.

Monday more of the same thing (rain rain rain) we we decided to go to IKEA in Murcia, about half an hour away. We took Pat with us and had a good mooch, I had hoped to buy some fabric that I have been after for a while, but they were out of stock, so we only bought a pack of pens for €1.99 but there were lots of things I would have liked if we had been at home or in our car. A much needed food shop and visit to a China shop in the afternoon. Also filled up the car with diesel 99c a litre, much cheaper than at home plus an attendant did it for us!

My crochet continues to grow..


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