Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Emmaus and country park day

Granddad showing us how to do it!

Us trying some ourselves.

On our second day of staying at Grandma's and Granddad's we decided to go to Emmaus and Odell country park. At Emmaus we bought purses and a handbag mirror. We got ice-creams from Odell country park(Grandma paid for it) and played on the play equipment for a while before coming back and watching Despicable me with cheese and and crackers and rice crispy bites for tea.

Today we are embroidering sunflowers and doing ladies that lunch + 1 at Toby carvery. For the rest of the day we are playing games. Blog written by Abigail, 11 and 3/4 and Eleanor 7 and 3/4.  


Happy Room Diana said...

Lovely day out, great blogging girls.

Judypam said...

Sounds a perfect day - hope Grandad's not too worn out!!

Christa said...

Dear Abigail and Eleanor,
Please show us the embroidered sunflowers. That sounds so interesting. All you do at grandma's and granddad's sound very exciting. They love you very much I am sure. Here in Virginia USA we are supposed to get temperature up to 31'C (we call it 88'F for Fahrenheit) today. It was hotter last week.

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