Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Grandchildren stay for three days

Abigail and Eleanor arrived on Monday for three days. I love when they come to stay even though they wear me out! First thing is they sorted out what they wanted to do and drew pictures on the laminated date sheets.  Monday was spent shopping and playing games, plus helping Grandad demolish an old shed and put up a new one to house the lawn mower and garden tools.
Tuesday off we went to Woburn Safari Park, both girls had made lists of the animals they hoped to see. As soon as we are inside the park they both climb into the front seat as we travel slowly through the different enclosures.
Ready for the drive with notebooks to cross of animals as they see them

Black bears and wolf enclosure

Kasanga rear view!

Lots of giraffes

Feeding the birds

This one likes Eleanor's head

A new perch

Abigail found some green ones

Fun fun fun

One trying to get down Eleanor's shirt


They had to stroke VERY goat!

After a burger lunch play in the Ark

We all loved this baby monkey

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