Friday, 4 December 2015

IAM Christmas Party

Started in the year 2000 our little group of eight plus one [ she can only come when someone is missing as I only comfortably have room for eight!] celebrated our Christmas meeting with a party.

The day started with an Angel making workshop, and ribbon, glitter and sewing equipment soon covering the tables. Penny and I supplied the kits. Much laughter ensued, when ribbon was sewn on the wrong sides and one angel was pirouetting as wings did not meet body in the right place!

Eyes down to make angels and cover the house in glitter!
Yes there was even glitter found its way to the loo!
What a great display of angels
We all supplied our own lunch but Dorn supplied the dessert, which was wonderful.
This was followed by "show and tell".

Santa has been busy

Jenny's wonderful Christmas Tree

Penny's Debbie Mumm blocks and machine embroidered block for a lucky Linus child.

Shirley's crocheted shrug should keep her nice and warm this winter

If the shrug is not enough the hot water bottle cover will help!

Each of us having purchased eight £2 gifts, a FQ and a £5 gift plus writing eight cards the fun started.

Much laughter opening our £2 gifts
Opening eight little parcels, which amazingly were all different, and I don't think we have had a repeat in the 15 years we have been doing this! was great fun.
Love all the different wrapping

Next we played the  Right/ Left game with FQ's. I read the story as quickly as I could to add to the mayhem.

I found a new version of the dice swap game, which we played with the £5 gifts we had all supplied. First you needed to throw a six to take a gift, when everyone had a gift they were opened and then 6 rounds of throwing the dice meant every time you threw a six you had to exchange your gift with someone else. It is always funny how there is something everyone wants!

What a brilliant fun way to start the Christmas festivities with all my crafting friends.

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FinoFiend said...

Wonderful little group, Diana! Sew glad you have a good group of friends to enjoy!

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