Thursday, 3 December 2015

The New Toy

The Lidl store is one of my favourite places to shop, and Monday they had a vacuum sealing machine on offer, so we took of really early to be there at 8am when they opened to make sure I got one. The good offers always seem to run out before I usually get to the shop!
A friend also wanted one so we managed to get two and bought spare plastic rolls for the machine.
Apples ready for the freezer, taking up much less space than putting them in a box!

Back home I had a bag of apples my sister had given me, so set too and cut and peeled them, then managed to get them sealed and in the freezer... wow I love this machine and see it being used for lots of things.

Some time ago I received a ball of wool I had ordered and it arrived sealed by one of these machines and took up no room at all in the jiffybag, I can see this would be a money saving idea for posting things as the charges are often calculated by the size and thickness of the bag.

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Judypam said...

Now that's the sort of vacuuming I'd be happy to do!

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