Friday, 13 May 2016

May sunshine at last

After a long winter the sun decided to come out for a few days. It is funny how everything looks so much better with a little sunshine. Chris has been busy weeding the Cotswold stone area of the garden. The Mind Your Own Business plant had taken over a lot of it as without the really bad winter it had not been killed off. This was a very labour intensive operation I am pleased he tackled it.

One or maybe it was two years ago [ age and retirement tend to make the years roll into each other ] I bought a couple of apple trees from Aldi [ or was it Lidl?] I remember they were very cheap and I put them in large pots to hide the shed. One tree I decided to weave into a ball just for the fun of it. They are bursting with flowers and I am hoping for a few nice apples this year, but in the meantime will just enjoy the pretty blossom.
My apple tree ball!

Planted a couple of geraniums in the hanging baskets for a little colour

Cowslips came from nowhere a few years ago and now cover whole patch of land
I love the delicate flowers

Pansies always make me smile, they look like little grinning faces.

I have quite a few Acers and love the different colours,
 they shade the pond and hang over the bridge.

On his hands and knees weeding the Cotswold stone area.

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