Saturday, 7 May 2016

Why do I do it?

One of the groups I belong to asked if I would think about running a workshop, needless to say I had forgotten all about it! A phone call from one of the committee members the night before the meeting reminded me, so I set to and made a sample badge and on the spur of the moment thought it would be nice to offer to machine embroider everyone, that wanted me to, a name tag. I hoped some people would prefer to hand embroider their badges.
24 people wanted a name badge so I spent a whole afternoon hooping up and sewing out the different names, I had offered four colour choices. What a boring way to spend the afternoon!!!

At the next meeting everyone will be given the square of fabric with their name on and a piece of foam backing to make their badge. I will take lots of sequins, beads,  ribbon and other fabric to decorate the badges.

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