Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A day in the country

Tuesday we woke to a lovely sunny day so decided to go Off Roading in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.  The Byways are closed during the winter to save wear and tear on them but open again on May 1st, well in theory they open on May 1st but in fact the first two we tried were still locked.
The start of our journey took us via Naseby so we paid a visit to the Naseby battle Obelisk, which is a not too easy to spot and we had missed it when passing this way previously.
Naseby Obelisk
Battle of Naseby sign

Due to people fly tipping and general miss using the Byways some have had very tight chicanes put in and make for interesting maneuvers  to drive through them.  The good point is traders trying to fly tip cannot get through with their vans.

One of the nicest things about travelling the Byways is the peace and quiet and seeing beautiful sights, like this hedge layering. Glad I don't have to weed out all these dandelions!

Near Cottesbrooke we drove through a field of sheep and suddenly they
all raced towards us, guess they thought we were the farmer with food! To get through the gate without them all following us I had to "shoo" them why Chris drove through quickly, it was a very funny sight.

Wind turbines are growing like mushrooms and look enormous when being constructed.

The rape seed is in full flower and so smelly!

End of the day I think the car needs washing !

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