Saturday, 30 April 2016

Half an Oven Glove

Having spent the morning washing and ironing [ plus a crochet break!] I decided this afternoon to use my embroidery machine to sew out a new oven glove pattern I had bought.
The pattern is for a left hand and right hand glove so I carefully made sure as it was just a test run to only sew out one glove.
Problem is the glove is made in two halves and I landed up making the right hand thumb and the left hand base. I really should learn to read the instructions !
Guess I'll just have to make two gloves.
An interesting way to make an oven glove in the embroidery machine hoop
Started on the second glove.

I washed the crochet blanket that I took to Wales in the Land Rover, it had spent time wrapped around me and thrown [ the rough lanes meant everything went everywhere!] on the floor in the back of the vehicle. It had never been blocked as I did not own enough blocking mats when I made it, so when it came out of the washing machine looking all clean and new I set about blocking it. I think it was the first crochet blanket I made and it looks so much better now. Made with Stylecraft Special DK it has washed well.
Stretched on my foam blocking boards

love the colours in this blanket

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Hi Diana, if you let me have your email address I will send you an invite for the Mini Mania Group

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