Sunday, 10 April 2016

Courthouse Steps

Some time ago I mentioned a Roll a Dice quilt. A group of quilters I belong to make quilts for the children's charity  Linus and to push us a little into something different we had to throw two dice, one to choose the colour the other to choose the pattern. I rolled Red and Courthouse Steps.
This is my little quilt, made using the paper piecing technique and backed with fleece... so much red I hope a child somewhere likes it.
Courthouse steps lined in red fleece for Linus

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hazel c UK said...

Hello, I have been reading your blog fir sometime and find it interesting. I was interested to read that you support the Linus project and thought you might interested in what our federation of WIs have just done. Our chairman set a challenge among the Middlesex WIs to make a quilt for the Linus project and a total of over 50 quilt were made. If you go on to the Middlesex Zfederation of WI Facebook you will see some of the quilts we made.
I love the cushion you made in your latest post.
Hazel c uk

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