Saturday, 9 April 2016

Celebrating Sophie's Universe

I am celebrating finishing Sophie's Universe today.
I never thought I would ever complete this crochet project, there were so many new techniques and stitches to learn but I did. Hip Hip Hooray.
Sewing all the ends in took me a whole evening and it looked so out of shape I thought this is a complete failure BUT today I clicked together all the foam boards I bought in Spain on holiday and set too with my clover pins to block it. Looks much better now.

Sophie has now been sprayed with water and will be left to dry, hopefully when the pins are removed she will look OK.
Foam backed click together boards bought in Spain on holiday
OK they filled the back seat of the car but I did not mind.

Pinned and sprayed with water to find its shape.

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Judypam said...

That is stunning, Diana!

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