Thursday, 28 April 2016

Thursday's Off Road Day

The morning started so nice, the sun was shining and we made an early start to go Off Roading.
Joining the route we had been taking all week following Tulip maps taken from a 4x4 magazine we drove to the start of the tracks.
Talk about scary, the track was extremely eroded and most of the time the twist and turns had us leaning at angles I thought were impossible even for a Land Rover Defender, a brief respite and then it got even worse with the camber so bad and the drop off so frightening I got out the car.
I walked, well should I say clambered ahead, to make sure Chris was not too near the edge even though the car was lurching at 90 degrees. I really do not know how he managed it, maybe the prayer I was repeating helped.
Chris then decided to call it a day so I know it was bad.
We headed back to the comfort of the Granary and then the heavens opened and the rain came down side ways!

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